About me


Hi you, this is Akshay Hallur. I’m a professional blogger, internet marketer and a trainer.

I blog about internet marketing and blogging.

I started blogging back in 2011. Initially, I was creating blogs on free Google Blogger platform. Later, as I grew serious about blogging and realized the potential of blogging and internet marketing, you shifted to self-hosted WordPress blogging. After failing miserably for 3 times, finally I started GoBloggingTips.com.

In 2015, I got admitted to a university for my graduation. I realized that university curriculum was killing my blog in front of my eyes. Moreover, college education does not prepare you for the real world, it just prepares you to be a corporate slave.

In addition, I was not at all interested in diving into as an employee for a big corporate, where your growth is limited and get paid with a consistent paycheck.

I also realized the importance of “location-independence” and overall personal development in one’s life.

I just decided to drop out of the university and follow my passion.

Now, I’m a professional blogger and an internet marketer.

I run 3 sites, and also 3-4 niche sites that are running on autopilot.

Recently, I dived into training industry to help people follow their passion, and guide them to blog and be an internet marketer.

Training and internet marketing are mutually benefiting each other, and like helping completely transform my lifestyle.