The Proof that True Happiness is Within Ourselves

The Proof that True Happiness is Within Ourselves

Happiness is within yourself

What is needed for you to be happy?

Truck-load of money? A bungalow? Job security? The needs of the human being are endless. You keep searching for happiness, you couldn’t find it. We are born in a world where people give importance to money, beauty, and materialistic things. That’s the curse of this generation. People chase before the never–ending stream of desire for materialistic things. They go behind sensual, temporary enjoyment.

Ok, let us assume that you got everything in your life. I mean everything.

One day, if clinical depression kicks in, what do you do? You won’t feel the enjoyment of the so-called precious things you have in your life. You pop pills day and night. You feel dependent to the pills, anxiety rises, and finally, according to you, there’s nothing in life.

Modern day media, movies, are all driving you outwards of your body. People forget morality and chase the money for personal welfare. You subconsciously judge a celebrity by looking his/her acting in movies. Many of them are addicted to watching porn (pixels on the screen), thinking that it is the ultimate enjoyment. At the end of every sensual enjoyment, there will be a sad moment. You loot money, after that your good-mind feels guilt. The examples are endless.

When you were a child, the ultimate happiness for you is chocolate. In teens, your desires are now fashion, good money, a bike/ car. When adult your desires turn out to be money, good spouse, sex life, etc. As you grow up, you tend to find happiness in more complex things. When you are old enough your desires are comfortable life, supportive hands, and peace. Among the three which is happiness? You can observe here that the nature of your desires varies according to your maturity level, condition and experience.

The fact is “happiness is the one that is available to all”. Irrespective of gender, age, condition, religion or race. The one that remains constant during the varying circumstances.

If happiness is being rich, then, are poor people deprived of happiness? The God created all human beings as equal.

Happiness is all in the way that we interpret things.

There is no need of the search for true happiness. All the sensual enjoyments are just sensual. They are not happiness. They are just a surge in feel-good hormone in our brains. Real happiness? It’s within us. We should dive deep within ourselves.

What’s the difference between an animal and human being? It’s the ability to explore within oneself and realization of spirituality (diving deep within) are what that set human beings apart from animals. Animals can’t explore their minds or realize spirituality.

Most of the people who find happiness in material world, think that the world we see is the ultimate thing. Guess what? It’s the same way animals see things. The desires of animals are small. The desires of human beings are complex. That’s the only difference. Both are external. These kind of desires are called animalistic desires, as they are sensual and body-based.

I hope this post gave you a solid proof that happiness lives in yourself.